NewsCorp’s 1 Degree initiative recently invited Wattcost to discuss the future of the Smart Home.
by Jonty Rumbold

1 Degree is News Corp Australia’s Environmental Sustainability Initiative to help reduce emissions and raise awareness about the small steps we can all take to make 1 Degree of difference to the future of the planet.

At Wattcost, our goal is to save 10 million tonnes of co2 emissions and subsequently save consumers over $2.3 billion in residential electricity costs by 2020! Ambitious? Maybe. Achievable? Absolutely. Made possible by our smart AI technology that learns from your electricity use and tells you where to save.

Recently, Wattcost Cofounder and CEO, David Soutar was invited to give a keynote presentation on the role Artificial Intelligence can play to reduce both costs and environmental impact in our homes at a 1 Degree lunchtime forum.

In this presentation, David talks about how the current electricity system works, why it’s ripe for disruption and why AI is the perfect technology to accomplish this to put the power back into consumers hands, save money and help protect our planet.

You will learn why Australia currently does not have a renewable solution in our grid supply system, and, from a founder’s perspective, understand the technology hurdles Wattcost has overcome for it to be a consumer, installable device that makes any home intelligent and works on all electricity meters.

Check out the full video presentation here:

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