Image of the Wattcost team celebrating with some of their early supporters.

Wattcost team celebrating with some of their early supporters.

Wattcost’s home energy savings device smashes funding goal!
by Jonty Rumbold

Today is a remarkable day.

In May 2017 we launched an ambitious goal: To crowdfund $150k in pre-sales to get our new consumer technology into local manufacturing, so that people just like you could start saving on their home energy costs on auto-pilot, forever!

You may have backed us because you believe in our product or maybe even because you believe in the team? Either way, today we are delighted to announce we smashed our campaign goal and continue to receive more Wattcost orders thanks to your continued support (we’re secretly feeling the love).

This overwhelming response is hard proof that Australians are tired of paying too much for their electricity. You’ve backed a great thing, not only for your wallet but for the environment too.

So, where is the money going?

With the raised funds we can now commit to production tooling and set-up. If everything goes according to plan, you can expect this process to take approximately 16 weeks. This seems like a long time to wait but we can assure you that it will be worth it!

What can you do next?

Well, if you’ve already purchased a Wattcost, you could dance your special custom-made, ‘jiggy-jig’, brag to all your friends about how forward-thinking you are and perhaps mention how much money you are going to save, or you could sit back, relax and smile, after all, you have just backed a winner.

We’ll send monthly updates on the production timeline to keep you in the loop with the actual delivery date.

Don’t forget to share and tell other friends and family members about Wattcost so they can save money too.

Thank you once again for your support in getting us this far. We love your work!

The Wattcost Team.

PS. If you have not yet purchased a Wattcost, you can still get in on the action at a great price ($50 off the RRP in-fact!). We’ll be taking orders throughout the production tooling process so go ahead and pre-order yours today. Don’t forget, when you purchase a Wattcost it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee!

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