Image caption: View of underside of the battery housing highlighting the faulty seal.

View of underside of the battery housing highlighting the faulty seal.

Captain, we've sprung a leak!
by David Soutar

The pre-production units manufactured earlier this year have already been delivering great savings results for field trial homes in Victoria and New South Wales. A 3-bedroom family house in Victoria saved $250 in less than 5 months (the cost of the Wattcost for Homes product), and a 4-person house with a swimming pool in Sydney saved $250 in just over 2 months.

Savings were initiated by our Intelligent Energy App proposing supplier plan switching to match energy usage, changing seasonal air-conditioner and pool-pump settings, together with live-costs and alerts changing appliance use behaviours. Both families are looking forward to continuing to save $100’s extra every year with Wattcost.

Since our last update, accelerated lifetime and winter testing has thrown up an issue with the battery housing waterproof seal detaching abnormally. As the product needs to be IP53 rated for outdoor use in all weather conditions, we're in the process of changing the glued rubberised seal to an over-moulded soft plastic seal.

This corrective process requires cutting a new two-colour plastic injection tool, where the housing body section is injected with a UV-tolerant PE plastic and then the tool is mechanically adjusted for the injection of a softer PE plastic to permanently attach the waterproof seal.

Unfortunately, with a few of the pieces of the retooling and manufacturing planning jigsaw puzzle still to fall into place, it now looks like pre-order deliveries may slip into the New Year.

Another highlight of this year has been the support we have been receiving directly from the NSW Government. Wattcost was selected as one of six startup companies to participate in the 2019 Access India program, which included business mentoring from several of Australia’s top advisors and trips to meet government officials, potential business partners and investors in India. The official program concludes with a promotional event and media coverage later this month.

We’re really looking forward to delivering your Wattcost product in a few short months. Stay tuned for our next progress update.

From all of us at Wattcost, we thank you again for your ongoing support and we’re happy to answer your questions via email at [email protected] or you’re welcome to visit us at our office in the Sydney Startup Hub.

Warmest regards,


CEO & Co-founder

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