Plastics mould CNC tool cutting machine at the works

Plastics mould CNC tool cutting machine at work

Full steam ahead with production!
by David Soutar

Have you ever wondered why we started Wattcost and what continues to motivates us? As a team we share the common vision, of creating intuitive consumer technologies that inspire people individually and collectively to achieve a sustainable future. We are extremely grateful you chose to join our journey with your pre-order to make this a reality.

The plastics tooling manufacturer has advised us due to their current job backlog, all of the tool cutting and finishing for our 14 plastic injection moulds will not be completed before their annual three week Chinese New Year shutdown in February. Mmmmm!

Alright, so stay with me on the "T" phases of plastics manufacturing for a second… We were hoping to receive the T1 plastic samples before shutdown, however these are now expected in March. After T1 samples are approved, final surface finishes are applied to each of the tools and T2 samples dispatched for final approval before the tools are shipped to Australia for product manufacturing. Are you still with me on the "T's"? If everything now goes to plan we'll avoid further tool revisions, which have been known to bring production engineers to tears :)

The current production timeline sees the delivery of your Wattcost in May this year. Starting a crowdfunding campaign to deliver a new tech product in 12 months has been quite a ride; one we hope you’re enjoying being part of. Check out the latest timeline here.

Over the past 6 months we have been quietly raising investment capital from around the globe. These extra funds will now allow us to grow the team to speed up production and product releases for our early Australian backers. We’ll be be adding some humorous profiles of new Wattcost team members in future newsletters.

That's the news for this month. Stay tuned for next months email and latest updates as we near the official Wattcost "Designed and Made in Australia" product launch.

Best and warm regards,


CEO & Cofounder

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