An inner look at the final prototype design

An inner look at the final prototype design

Final plastic housing prototypes pass with flying colours!
by David Soutar

In last month’s update, we finalised the industrial design for the Beacon plastic and metal parts tooling. Today, we received the final plastic models from a Melbourne 3D-prototyping service, which have passed manufacturing tolerance tests with flying colours!

In addition, quotes from several plastics manufacturers are in and the team have selected an outstanding Australian manufacturer to partner with. Together with our Australian contract electronics manufacturing partner, we are extremely proud to announce Wattcost will be officially labelled “Designed and Made in Australia”.

Amongst the hustle-and-bustle of launching a new innovative tech product to the market, Wattcost also moved offices this month into the new Sydney Startup Hub on York Street in Sydney. The paint is still drying on the walls but we’re excited to be one of the first startups to join the Hub which aims to provide a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem where we can thrive!

What’s happening next?

We are now confident with the product design for manufacturability and are ready to commence the plastics tool machining in China in January. Once completed, a pilot run will produce finished parts for final checks before the plastic injection tools are shipped to Australia for final product manufacturing.

We’ve been mocking up some great ideas for our packaging and are in talks with a number of talented design studios in Sydney who, once selected, will help us develop and create Wattcost’s final eco-friendly packaging.

Due to plastic housing modelling sample delays, we’ve now updated our final product delivery. As always, we thank you for your patience.

Finally, from all of us here at Wattcost and especially from Tell, Demetrious and myself, we would like to wish all our supporters a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year. We’re so excited to finally be bringing Wattcost to fruition and into your homes in 2018.

Best regards,


CEO & Cofounder

P.S. For those of you who indicated that your order was intended as a gift for Christmas, a special Wattcost gift card was posted to your order address last week (and should have already arrived by the time you read this update).

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