Manufacturing plant in Western Sydney with same tag-line as eDM: Manufacturing is alive and looking impressive in Western Sydney.

Manufacturing is alive and looking impressive in Western Sydney

Industrial Design Finalised!
by David Soutar

During the last couple of weeks the team finalised the industrial design for the plastic parts tooling which has now been sent to several tool manufacturers for quotation.

In addition, we were excited to receive samples of the latest version of the ultra-low power microprocessor used in the Wattcost Beacon, that will be more accurate in terms of data measurement and appliance detection. This is relatively new technology and well, we’re super excited about the improved levels of accuracy we will be able to achieve.

We’ve been on the hunt and have found an outstanding plastics injection manufacturer in Western Sydney which means, given the price is right, we will be able to manufacture our entire product right here in our own backyard - Australia!

What’s happening next?

We are still waiting on the ABS-plastic models from the prototyping shop and once we receive them we’ll be able to carry out the pre-manufacturing tolerance and ultrasonic welding tests.

In addition, our next big milestone is the design and development of our eco-product packaging which we expect to complete early in the New Year.

As always, we’ll send the next product update in December to ensure you’re always in the loop with our progress and your pre-order delivery.

Best regards,


CEO & Cofounder

PS. Our solar product was recently taken for a test drive and reviewed by Australian Solar Quotes founder, Darryn Van Hout. If you have solar installed or are considering solar in the future, check out this Wattcost review!

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