Image caption: Sneak peak into our brand new hardware lab

Sneak peak into our brand new hardware lab

What does it take to develop a consumer product from scratch?
by David Soutar

Live from Sydney’s new Tank Stream Labs!

While the Chinese tool makers are enjoying their three week New Year break, we’re still hard at work negotiating the best prices for electronic parts, metal-stamped terminals, production tools and hundreds of related tasks to mass produce the Wattcost product.

The past month has also seen Tell and myself, putting new engineering, production and marketing candidates through our grueling screening process. We’re not sure if we’d survive it ourselves! Anyway, we look forward to introducing you to those who’ve made the cut soon.

As the ground-breaking Wattcost intelligent home product approaches its official launch date, it seems fitting that such an important milestone for the company - and Australian innovation - will be reached from within the country’s latest and most advanced R&D startup facility.

You see Wattcost recently moved into the Sydney Startup Hub (SSH), where the company has become one of the foundation tenants for the state-of-the art Tank Stream Labs facility (pictured above).

To give you a quick idea of what it takes to develop a brand new product from scratch and now for us to enjoy a lab facility like this, our story goes something like this…

Come up with a great idea to solve a real problem. Attend the Founder Institute startup incubator, to validate your idea is worth spending the next 3 years living off your savings. Work out of Fishburners startup coworking space, convincing other people to join your vision of creating a new tech startup and consumer focussed product. Win a bunch of local and global startup competitions, then raise and spend capital to take the idea from concept to fruition. Sounds simple right!

There’s probably a million other steps involved in getting from A to Z to start a new company and producing a new consumer electronics product, but let’s leave that for another day!

And of course, stay tuned for next month’s email and latest updates as we near the official Wattcost "Designed and Made in Australia" product launch.

Best and warm regards,


CEO & Co-founder

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