Image caption: Cross section view of Beacon highlighting the battery lid locking mechanism.

Cross section view of Beacon highlighting the battery lid locking mechanism.

The 180 degree dilemma
by David Soutar

So close, we can almost see the finishing post!

Pre-certification compatibility testing didn’t throw up any new issues and the updated electronics design is locked in. This means FCC, CE and RCM product certification tests required for all electronic products, will be completed once the final injected housing plastics have been received and assembled into finished products.

Design and prototyping of the revised housing for the “stick-on” optical sensor has been completed and tested successfully in the field. We’ve issued the design update to our tooling partner and expect T1 samples to be received early next month. This will ensure the accuracy issue monitoring some types of DISC meters, as reported last update has now been resolved.

After receiving 20 pre-production samples early this year, we asked our user focus group for product usability feedback. They reported the rotating battery lid locking mechanism had a frustrating jamming issue, when applied to the base section more than 180 degrees from the locked position. Although we initially thought it was a minor design issue, it became larger than life, when the Chief Purchasing Manager of a major online retailer was unable to join the halves and told us it had to be fixed before they would consider selling the product.

We took the production samples to the industrial design team, who have now committed to making design changes to ensure the locking mechanism will work correctly from all directions. Unfortunately these design changes will require retooling of the four largest plastic injection cavities.

We wish there was a quicker path to delivering the Wattcost product, however it can be expected resolving the locking design issue and rescheduling production will delay product shipments by a further 2-3 months.

From all of us at Wattcost, we thank you again for your ongoing support and we’re more than happy to answer your questions via email at [email protected].

Warmest regards,


CEO & Co-founder

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